Northern Monk – Can of Whup Ass – DDH IPA = 6.7%

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Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale. 440ml. 6.7% ABV

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We started with a base of extra pale barley malt backed up with large volumes of naked and flaked oats and some maltodextrin, all there to flesh out the body and bring that desirable silky mouthfeel. In the whirlpool, there’s a small US contribution in the shape of some Citra Incognito, which is partnered with a big addition of Enigma T90, the dankest of the Aussie varieties but also contributor of some prominent passion fruit notes. At the back end of fermentation came a 28g/l dry hop led by Galaxy and Vic Secret, which enhances the passion fruit aroma and brings juicy tangerine, lychee, and ripe tropical fruit.


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