Northern Monk – Patrons Project 12.04 – Evolution of Tradition – Green Hop IPA – 5.9%

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Green Hop IPA. 440ml. 5.9% ABV

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Helping at Harewood House Estate’s annual September hop harvest is always a highlight of the monk calendar, and this third year brought with it our biggest band of volunteers yet. We gathered as many cones as we could to be rushed back to the Old Flax Store to create this green hopped IPA.

Brewing with fresh hops is not an easy task! Using the cones before they are dried means 9 times the volume is required to account for the mass of water they hold.
We repurposed the mash tun as a hopback, allowing us to squeeze in around 90kg of cones before filling the vessel with post-boil wort to wash through and pick up the unique floral, herbal character that they impart.

The wort itself was made from a grist packed with white wheat, chit malt, and some naked oats for a full-bodied and silky base. We fermented with a Kveik strain for pronounced stone fruit esters before dry hopping with a combination
of UK Olicana and US Amarillo to complement the floral notes and bring orange zest and tangerine juice refreshment to the finish.


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