Pump up the Jam

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Jam Donut Pale Ale. 330ml. 5% ABV

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Theres nothing quite as satisfying as a sweet, sticky doughnut. Theres also nothing quite as satisfying as a cold, refreshing pale ale. Theyre satisfying in their own little ways. So what if they were combined? After a failed experiment with a pale ale doughnut – the beer just soaked into the dough and made it mushy – we decided to switch it up completely. The old switcharoo. Put the doughnut into the beer! Pump up the Jam combines the sweet jam flavours with a sweet bready malt base. Its a jam doughnut in a pint glass. No word of a lie. Imagine the best of a jam doughnut with the best of a beer. Chill it to perfection and fill a pint glass with it. Pump up the Jam!


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